Great Place to Work®


I’m proud to announce that, for the second year running, Win and all our brands have officially earned Great Place to Work® Certification™.  

What I love most about this accolade is that it’s based on a Trust Index Survey of the people whose opinions matter most, our employees. Their happiness has always been at the heart of our business, and over the last twelve months we have continued to invest in creating a supportive and inspiring workplace for them. Some highlights include:

  • Supporting professional development with a revamped development program, and management training
  • Supporting holistic development by introducing a L&D stipend that can be used for any professional or personal growth (last year it was used for everything from improv classes to college tuition) 
  • Continuing to promote diversity, equity and inclusion by formalizing our hiring practices, providing anti-bias training, and extending our Diversity Forum to cover a wide range of topics such as gender, sexuality, age, religion, class, and ability, in addition to race 
  • Supporting health and wellbeing by expanding our medical offering to include fully paid options for employees and their families  
  • Supporting emotional wellness by offering free access to mindfulness app, Calm, as well as monthly guided group meditation sessions 
  • Continuing to support virtual working with a WFH stipend that can be used for anything that makes the home working environment more enjoyable 
  • Helping people give back by introducing virtual volunteering opportunities, and continuing to offer paid time off for volunteering  

Of course, there’s always more we can do, and are already working on. As we continue to scale at pace, we are committed to doing so in the right way - supporting and recognizing our people, personally as well as professionally.  

Thanks again to everyone at Win Brands Group, Homesick, QALO, Gravity, and Love Your Melon that completed the Trust Index Survey. And congratulations to all those other certified organizations committed to making their business a Great Place to Work®. 


Kyle Widrick

Founder and CEO