Is Turmeric the newest fitness recovery hack?

With a wide array of remedies that alternative and natural medicine provide, it's no surprise that there is an amazing natural option for post workout muscle recovery. Say buh-bye to Advil, and hello to Turmeric.



 Working out, on a microscopic level, creates tiny tears in our muscle fibers that ultimately heal with stronger fibers replacing the weak. Inflammation makes up a large portion of this process, which explains why we get so sore after a big workout. While inflammation is often the body’s protective response to trauma and foreign bodies (whether that be from working out, eating bad food, undergoing invasive surgery, etc.), chronic inflammation can lead to certain conditions and diseases such as arthritis and cancer. Therefore it’s important to reduce inflammation as much as possible, whenever possible.

Studies have found that taking a regular curcumin supplement can help in the management of exercise induced muscle soreness and inflammation.  It’s even been shown that turmeric-curcumin supplements specifically can work just as well as ibuprofen for knee pain!